We offer a wide range of dry cleaning, laundering, ironing and pressing services for garments and household textiles. In addition, we can re-wax waterproof garments, attend to repairs and alterations, look after your suede, leather and sheepskin clothing, motorcycling outfits and sportswear.


Do you dread washing, drying and ironing your shirts? Are you plagued by mountains of used bedding or dirty towels? At Goldfinch's our complete laundry service save you valuable time and helps you look good longer as our professional detergents not only clean and brighten your fabrics, they do it with care. Our detergents are specially-formulated to work at lower temperatures, and when it comes to controlling shrinkage - milder temperatures are better! We can return your shirts folded or hanging. Just ask when ordering.


Using mainly steam, guided by an expert hand, our fully-trained pressers will softly press your items. We pride ourselves on using many traditional methods for finishing. Unlike domestic irons, ours do not carry heat - but rather steam. They therefore protect items from that dreaded 'shining' you get at home. A 'soft' press on our professional ironing table will lift the tiny fibres and leave your garments looking healthy and new, rather than a hard-press which can flatten the pile to shine and age clothing.


Despite the name, Dry Cleaning is not a completely dry process. It refers to items going into the highly-specialised machine dry and coming out dry using the latest techniques to ensure a brighter, cleaner result. During the process fluids are used to clean the garments and we offer an unrivalled finish for our customers' valued garments, curtains  and smaller rugs. We treat garments marked (P) onsite, and this covers most dry-cleanable items. Talk to us if your garment has an (F) marking as we have off-site specialist care arrangements.


Our experienced repair specialist offers a tailored service to meet your needs - covering everything from loose and missing buttons, unravelling hems, split seams, worn patches, replacement zips and length adjustment to detailed repairs and garment re-sizing.

Please allow sufficient time for your repairs or alterations to be made in our workshop because service times vary.

We will gladly give advice on each item. 

*Subject to our terms and conditions. 

Based in Lewes, we are able to collect and deliver over a wide area -- contact us to find out whether we can offer a collection and delivery service where you are. 

"Goldfinch's service is in a league of its own ... going beyond for last-minute orders." A.A.